The Asian Film Awards (AFA) is an internationally recognized festival that takes place in Hong Kong in March of every year.

It first started out in 2007 when Wilfred Wong, the Chairman of Hong Kong International Film Festival Society, announced the launch of the Asian Film Awards to recognize the excellence on the film professionals of the Asian cinema.

This year it will take place on the 17th of March with nominees from all Asian countries ranging from South Korea and China to India and Japan.

The Jury is made up of prominent actors, directors and writers with a filmography background coming from Asian as well as European countries; this year with a representative from Italy as well.

This film festival is of particular importance in China where films can be freely screened for showing; directors and producers come from around the world each spring to try to get approval to show films for the billion people in the Chinese market.

This award is of vital importance not only for the global movie culture, but as well for the economy of HK: the government subsidizes the festival providing the theaters and funds of up to 7 million HKD and thousands of tourists from all around the globe gather there for this event.

by Costanza De Grandi

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