Are you interested in China? Are you curious about our association? Do you want to discover Bocconi campus trough a funny competition? This is the right game to start! 
BCSA’s Treasure Hunt welcomes students for the beginning of the new academic year!
Participants will be involved in resolving some funny riddles to reach the “treasure” of this treasure hunt!
This game will involve mostly freshmen and will help them to discover the main places of our University. 
Ready for this trip to China? 

Come and visit us on September 10th at 18:30 in room B (Leoni building – via Sarfatti 25)! 
We will first explain the rules of the game and then give you some initial information about our association (it’s recommended to arrive 15 minutes earlier)!

Here the link for the quick registration ➡️…/1FAIpQLSelUzJHtC2fDT3ox…/viewform…

Anyway it’s possible to sign up in site before the Treasure Hunt starts.

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