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In the past decade, China has been home to two-thirds of the world’s most successful women entrepreneurs. In 2021, Hurun Research Institute released a report on the richest self-made women billionaires globally. The list concluded that the number of self-made women entrepreneurs with a 1 billion dollar asset threshold grew by 30%, ultimately reaching a record of 130 women. 

Out of 130 women, Chinese women take the lead with 85 women dominating the business world. The US and UK followed thereafter, with 25 women and 6 women owning more than $1 billion assets respectively. Moreover, China is proud to announce that out of the top 10 most successful entrepreneurs, the top 9 women are from China. On the same note, Beijing poses as the hub for “the most successful women entrepreneurs in the world” followed by Shanghai and Hangzhou.

As a mark of respect to successful women entrepreneurs, listed below are the 3 most successful Chinese businesswomen.

Zhong Huijuan

  • Zhong is a pharmaceutical executive, founder, and CEO of Hansoh Pharmaceutical.
  • Hansoh Pharmaceutical is a research and development-driven pharmaceutical company with its drug portfolio specializing in CNS diseases, oncology, anti-infectives, and diabetes. 
  • As of 2021, Zhong has an estimated net worth of US$19.7 billion.

Wu Yajun

  • Wu is the co-founder, chairwoman, and former CEO of Longfor Properties.
  • Longfor Properties has numerous subsidiaries which are involved in property investment, development, and management.
  • From humble origins, Wu worked as a journalist and editor before moving into real estate in the 1990s, and later investing in technology companies as well as founding Longfor Properties.
  • As of April 2021, Wu has an estimated net worth of US$18.3 billion.

Lu Zhongfang 

  • Lu is the founder of Offcn Education Technology.
  • Offcn Education Technology is a private institution that offers training for the civil service exam.
  • Lu began her career working in a Chinese pesticide factory and was on the verge of retiring broke. However, upon retiring from the factory, she founded Offcn Education Technology.
  • As of 2022, Lu has an estimated net worth is estimated to be $16.4 billion.
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