China’s Digital Yuan: Unveiling the e-CNY Initiative

China is pursuing global dominance in financial technology and the initial research on the digital currency can be traced back to the early 2010s. The main motivations behind e-CNY, the central bank digital currency (CBDC) developed under the project called Digital Currency/ Electronic Payment (DCEP), is to advance China’s technical and economic prowess, enhance payment efficiency, reduce the reliance on physical cash, strengthen CCP control over the Chinese population and counter U.S. financial influence around the globe.

China’s Real Estate: A Quick Overview of the Crisis

China’s real estate market, once a core economic driver, has recently seen a massive decline due to soaring debt, waning demand, and stringent policies. This crisis reverberates through finance, economy, and society, spotlighting risks of debt and speculative growth. Fully restabilizing the real estate sector will demand careful and decisive action from the Chinese government.

The Great Sichuan Earthquake

Authors: Basile Theaud, Christine Yu The “Great Sichuan earthquake”, also known as “Wenchuan earthquake”, happened on 12th May 2008 in the #Sichuan province. The #magnitude of the earthquake was 8.0 and over 69,000 people lost their lives, the deadliest #earthquake in China since 1976 (242,000 dead) and the strongest since Read more…

The art of Face Changing

Author: Lucy Dong Bian Lian 变脸 (‘Face Changing’) is an ancient Chinese dramatic art originated in the 1930s. It is typical of the more general Sichuan opera which, instead, dates back to 1700. Bian Lian is a romantic method to reveal the inner thoughts and feelings of the characters in Read more…

ANTA Sports

Author: Alessandro ZhuoHao Hu Anta Sports Products Ltd is a Chinese sportswear multinational corporation engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, and marketing of branded sportswear.  Anta was founded in 1991 and was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2007. With a market cap value of $30.14 Billion, Anta Read more…