Exploring China’s Path to Sustainable Development

We recently had the privilege of interviewing Professor Perrini, Director of the Transformative Sustainability Program at Bocconi University. During our discussion, we delved into China’s stance on sustainability, its ambitious carbon neutrality objectives, and the pivotal role played by Chinese corporations in fostering sustainable development.

China’s Digital Yuan: Unveiling the e-CNY Initiative

China is pursuing global dominance in financial technology and the initial research on the digital currency can be traced back to the early 2010s. The main motivations behind e-CNY, the central bank digital currency (CBDC) developed under the project called Digital Currency/ Electronic Payment (DCEP), is to advance China’s technical and economic prowess, enhance payment efficiency, reduce the reliance on physical cash, strengthen CCP control over the Chinese population and counter U.S. financial influence around the globe.

China’s Real Estate: A Quick Overview of the Crisis

China’s real estate market, once a core economic driver, has recently seen a massive decline due to soaring debt, waning demand, and stringent policies. This crisis reverberates through finance, economy, and society, spotlighting risks of debt and speculative growth. Fully restabilizing the real estate sector will demand careful and decisive action from the Chinese government.