Tianjin(天津,  one of the four municipalities directly under the Central Government of China, is the only city in Chinese history that has an exact record of the time it was built.

Even if Tianjin is adjacent to Beijing, the styles of the two cities are completely different. While Beijing is a symbol of a fast-paced life, Tianjin is a much slower one, with beautiful sea views and fresher air

Influenced by historical factors, the downtown area has formed a rich exotic style, including French, Italian, and British styles, as well as the architectural style of the Republic of China, which has an urban style that is completely different from other cities in China.  Also, Tianjin has a lot of former residences of celebrities in history, including Liang Qichao, Cao Yu, Yuan Shikai, Pu Yi (The last emperor of the Qing Dynasty), Herbert Clark Hoover, etc.

The most impressive signs of Tianjin are the Tientsin Eye, Tianjin ancient cultural street, Tianjin crosstalk, and Pancake rolled with crisp fritter.

The Tientsin Eye

It’s the only Ferris wheel in the world that overlooks the scenery on a bridge. Considered one of Tianjin’s landmarks, you should definitely check it out if you ever go there!

Tianjin ancient cultural street

The buildings there are imitating the folk architectural style of the Qing Dynasty. And the main goods are stationeries,including the four treasures of the study, celebrity calligraphy and painting, cultural relics and antiques, and lots of time-honored snack shops.

Tianjin crosstalk

Cross talk is a form of folklore that uses jokes, funny questions and answers, and rap to make the audience laugh. Cross-talk uses laughter to understand the world and life. It originated in Beijing and prospered in Tianjin. The city of Tianjin played a decisive role in the history of Chinese crosstalk.

Pancake rolled with crisp fritter(煎饼果子)

It’s a famous snack in Tianjin, which is a kind of typical breakfast in Tianjin. Pancake rolled with crisp fritter consists of mung bean noodle pancakes, eggs, and youtiao (油条), with noodle sauce, chopped green onion, fermented bean curd, and chili sauce (optional) as condiments.

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