For months now China and the United States have been locked in a so called “trade war” imposing on each other tariffs on imported goods. The question that naturally arises is whether an end to these tensions could be near. Hopes that the two nations would ease the pressures spurred last Thursday after a call between President Trump and his Chinese Counterpart Xi Jinping; both leaders agreed on meeting at the G20 conference in Argentina at the end of the month. US analysts, however, affirm to be skeptical about any substantial progress possible on such date. On the other hand, different reports claim that the two nations are closing in on a deal that would avoid further US tariffs on Chinese imports and the US President himself stated “I think we will make a deal with China. I think a very good deal will be made with China. We are getting much closer to doing something. A lot of progress has been made.” On its side China is also willing to end the tensions through “mutually respectful talks”. This view will be sustained at the Shanghai expo in November, an occasion for the Asian power to signal its devoir to opening up the economy.

by Costanza De Grandi

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